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3D artists will get their first shot at jobs in Malaysia

The Philippines’ unemployment rate is among the lowest in Southeast Asia, a region with a burgeoning art scene that includes more than a dozen 3D artist companies, including one that is expected to announce plans in February to hire as many as 1,000 people this year.

The Philippines is home to more than 2 million artists, with a population of about 12 million, according to data from the National Employment Council.

They make a median salary of P2,000 a month, about half of what in Malaysia, but far below the world’s average of P15,000.

The labor shortage is partly due to the Philippines’ relatively small population of 1.5 million, and partly because many artists are discouraged by the country’s strict labor laws.

The Philippine government has been trying to boost its economy by expanding the number of companies and jobs, but the effort has been hampered by rampant illegal and unskilled labor, with many artists working in fields like carpentry, welding and construction.

A government-commissioned study in 2015 said more than 200,000 Filipino workers have been exploited in recent years, according, which said that the government should provide more job opportunities for the more than 30 million Filipinos who lack a job.

But a study last year by the Institute of Labor Affairs said the labor market in the Philippines is “unbalanced” and the country lacks “adequate labor protections.”

In addition to illegal labor, many Filipinos also lack education, and many lack access to legal and safe jobs.

The lack of jobs is one reason the government has not fully addressed the issue of poverty.

In recent years the number one problem has been an unemployment rate that has reached 30 percent, the highest among the 12 Southeast Asian countries with comparable economies, according a report by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Many artists, however, say the government is doing too little to help.

In a letter to the government earlier this year, the Philippine Association of the Arts and the National Federation of Arts (FNA) called on the government to invest more in the sector.

The group said that only about half the 3D art industry in the country is viable.