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How to make a 3D animated gifs

3D artist Patrick McRae demonstrates how to use Photoshop to make 3D animations using a digital camera, a camera rig and a tripod.

Patrick McRafe shows how to make animations using digital cameras, a digital rig and tripod.

3D Artist Patrick McLean uses Photoshop to create 3D models and 3D renderings.

3d Artist Patrick MacLean uses Adobe Illustrator to create models and renderings using Photoshop.

3-D artist Scott Wawrinka creates a 2D model of a plane in Photoshop.

Scott Wawlinski uses Photoshop in Photoshop to transform an existing plane into a 3-dimensional model.

3-D model and 3-d renderings of the wing of a jet plane.

Photoshop is an open source 3-point software that allows users to create and edit 3D images and 3d models.

It can also create custom 3D objects for use with 3D printing and laser cutting.

Here are the tools and tools you’ll need to make your own 3D animation.