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3D artist sydey shows off her work for a Sydney fashion show

Posted February 04, 2018 12:37:24 3D artists Sydney’s first fashion show, titled 3D Fashion, is taking place from March 8 to 15 at The Royal Australian and New Zealand Exhibition Centre.

3D model and artist Sydey is helping to make the show happen.

3dartist sydeys the first fashion design 3D models will be available to model in the show.

Sydey said she had been working on the design for about two months before the show started.

“It’s been about six months and I’m actually pretty proud of what I’ve done,” she said.

“The design has really taken shape and now it’s just time to bring it to life.”

Sydeys team of 3D designers, including 3D printer, created a set of 3d prints for the show with the help of a professional 3D printing service.

She said the team had a long list of clients.

“We have clients like a range of large and small businesses, which has led to quite a large team of people working on this,” she told ABC News.

Sydiey said the show was a big hit.””

It’s about having a range that has the most potential and also having an experience that’s not only good for your brand but also good for the fashion community.”

Sydiey said the show was a big hit.

“I think it’s going to be great to see all the different types of people who come out to see the fashion show come out and be able to see their clothes on display,” she explained.

“You’ll see models from all over Australia wearing their designs on a large stage.”3D model sydeya, Sydney Fashion Show (ABC News: Michael Leighton)Sydeymys team has also worked with the fashion designers of The Royal Melbourne and Sydney Fashion Week to produce a range for the event.

She told the ABC it was an amazing experience to work with such talented designers.

“They’re really good at making these designs and we have the design team that are going to work alongside them to make sure they are all on the same page,” she added.

“So, it’s really good.”

Sydenys team is hoping to get more models on the show, so the fashion designer will be able get more than just the design from her own models.

“That will allow us to go on to the next one,” she concluded.

“There are lots of models out there and we just want to have more models so we can show more of the people who are going there.”

Sydney Fashion Show opens in February