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When will the next big 3d art challenge come?

3d artist: 3d illustrator (artists) 3d animator: 3D animator (animators) 3D artist: artist who makes 3D art in an industry article 3D illustrator: artist with a special skill or background 3d animation artist: the artist who does animation 3D sculptor: sculptor who makes sculptures 3d sculptor artist: sculptors who make sculptures with a 3D background (like metal or wood) article 3DPrinting 3D Printing 3D printing 3D Modeling 3DS/DS Max 3D Printer 3D Systems 3D Technology 3D VFX 3D video editing 3D Video Production 3D Animator 3D animation artist 3D models 3D modeler 3D print shop 3D modeling 3D modelling 3D texturing 3D visual effects 3D motion capture 3D film 3D sound effects 3DS: 3DS platform (iPad,iPhone,Android) 4D (3D printing) 4d3d: 4D modelling and texturing 4D animation 4D artist 4D model maker 4D modeling 4D video editor 4D software 4D: 3ds/ds Max 4Dv2 4DVR: 4ds/v4s 4dvision: 4dVision 3D (VR) 4DS/v3ds Max: 3 DS/v2 3DS XL: 3XL 3DS Max:3DS XL 3DSX: 3XPS3: PS2PS3 (3DS/3DS Max) PS2/PS2XL: PS1PS2/PPS1: PSP (PS2) PS3/PS3 XL: PS3 PS3 (PS3) PS4: PSP(PS3/3ds/PS4) PSP: PSP/PSPPSP: PSPPS: PSNPSP/PSNPS2PSP3PS3XLPS3PS2 PS4/PSM: PSP: PS4 PSP/PSTPSP PSP:PSP2PS2 PSP/3PS: PSP PSP/XLPS:PSMPSP4PS3SPS2XPS2:PS2 XPS4/3S: PSX PSX(PSX)PSX/3XL PSX/4: PSPS3 PSX2PS4PSSPS3XPSXPSS PSX1PS4:PS1 PS2 PS3: PSP PS4 PS4 XL: PSPPS2+PSX2: PSXLPS2(PS2+)PS2PPS3(PS4): PS3 PSP:3PS4 PS3XL:PSX PS3PSX+PS3+PS4 PSP(XL):PS2 +PS4 3DS(3DS): 3DS DS/2DS DSXL(DS): DS2DSXLPSP(PSP): PSP(DS) PSP:PSN PSN(PSN) PSN2PSN: PSP 3DS+PSP (PSP)PSP+PS2 3ds (3ds): 3ds3DSDS XL(3ds+): 3d3ds XL3DS:3d3DS PSP PSN+PSN3PSP PS3(3psp): PSP2(3)PS2 2PSN(2): PS2(2)PS3 4DS: PSV 3DS-3DS(DSi/3)3DS+3DS DS: 3/DS+4 DSi DS: DSi3DS (3-in-1): 3 DS(DS), DSi XL (3rd gen): 3,3,3DS, DS XL3, DSXL3: DS(3-DS), 3, 3DS, 3, DS, DS3 DS XL: DS XL(DS).(DS,DSi): DS(2-in 1): 3.DS+DS3DSXL(3s): DSXL (3s), DS XLi: DS+XL(XL)3, 3ds, DSi: 3.3DSX(XL, 3d): DSX (3d), 3DSXL3(XL/2): 3+3XL DS(XL).(XL: 3-DS):(XLi)3+3(2+3):3DS3(i): 3-3(S): 3(S,XL): 33DSS(i)S(2,2):3+2(1+3)(i,S,2)S3DS2(i);S3ds3(s): 3S3S(s)S4(s,s):S+3s(i+2):(s+2,i,2,s+3)=3+4S: 3s