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How to make a video of your dog that makes the internet cry

3D artist Tyler Anderson has created a video showing what it would look like if your pet had a 3D printed body.

In the video, Anderson’s dog, Puddin, is shown being poked with a needle, which is then covered in foam and then the animal is put into a small, round frame that is then moved around.

The video then goes into more detail about how the 3D printer could be used to create a 3-D printable body.

Anderson, who is also a 3d printer specialist at the company MakerBot, says the project is just a one-off, and that the idea is to see if a 3Ds printer can be used in the same way as a 3DS or other gaming consoles.

MakerBot is an Australian company, but its products are widely used worldwide.

Makerbot, a maker of printers and other 3D printers, recently partnered with Google to make the 3-dimensional printer available to consumers, and is currently in the process of expanding its range of devices.

Anderson says he and his colleague, Adam O’Leary, decided to take the concept to a larger audience after seeing the reactions to the 3d printed version of the character, “Bubbles” in the 2015 movie, “A Christmas Story”.

Puddin in the video.

It’s hard to tell how the film would have made it to the big screen if the film had never been released.

But Anderson says it’s a great opportunity to show how the technology is being used for creative expression.

Anderson hopes the footage will give other 3d printers a chance to see how it can be done.

The maker says he is looking to start making prototypes in the next few months, and hopes to have an industrial-scale version of his project on the market in the coming weeks.

He hopes to be able to print a body within a year or two.