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When will you hire 3D artists?

A recent financial post by 3D artist Adam Voorhees has garnered much attention from the community, particularly with regard to his recent investment into 3D printing startup Fuse.

Voorhee is well known for his creative endeavors in video games, comics and films, and his work has earned him the nickname “The Dork Master.”

His latest project, a 3D rendering of “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” has garnered him acclaim and even a cameo in “Power Rangers: Dino Charge.”

While Voorhes recent investments in Fuse are well-documented, it’s his latest work that has attracted the most attention.

Vong, an award-winning 3D and architectural artist, has worked for both Adobe and Adobe Creative Cloud.

In addition to his work in 3D, Vong has worked on the popular webcomic “The Vong.”

Vong is a prolific 3D designer and is widely regarded as one of the most prolific 3d artists in the world.

Vous, a software engineer and artist from Montreal, has also been working for Adobe for several years.

He has developed some of the best 3D animations on the web and is a frequent speaker at 3D events around the world, such as the International 3D Animation Expo.