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5 of the best new 3d artists coming out of the UK in 2018


Travis Van Thijs  (Dutch artist, MAD) TRAVIS VAN THIJS  is one of the more recent Dutch-Dutch artists to take on a 3D role.

His first work was Pumpkin Punch, an original painting that featured a man sitting on a pumpkin. Pumped Up (2013) is a collage of two different photographs of a man, his head down, facing the camera. 

In Pumps Up, the man is seated, his eyes locked on the camera, his hands resting on the table. 

The artist takes a picture of his work, and then uses the camera to adjust the lighting to make the painting appear bigger, more realistic, and more human. 

This is the sort of image that could be used to make a video game. 

Van Thijes doesn’t use any of the 3D technology used in the Pumper Up project, but it does use a variety of techniques, including a combination of projection and light, to achieve a 3d effect. 

His latest project is Pussy on the Walls, a collab with Roxy of the Lucky Cat Girls soundtrack group. 

“I think it’s the only one where the collage doesn’t have a single person in it, like, it’s a collection of two people,” Van Phijs told me. 

Roxx is a musician and singer who sings pop songs about the everyday struggles of being a girl. 

As a result, she has to juggle her music career with her job as a musician, where she is constantly battling to make ends meet (and make money as well) by touring, performing, and writing. 

For Pusher, Rexx’s music is a mechanical dance that mimics the rhythms of the pussy dance and the  piss dance. 

While Pushed is more of a visual project than a 3-D one, Van Riesen said that she’s used it to show the struggles of people in her life, particularly her own. 

I can see how you would see it as a film or video but it’s not. 

It’s just a way to get through the day and say ‘OK, this is me and I’m OK.’

Van Thiejs said the idea for the project came after Romeo Santos, who was also an illustrator, told her she had a very difficult time drawing people. “

Pusher” is an image of a girl sitting in a chair on a couch, facing away from a camera.

Van Thiejs said the idea for the project came after Romeo Santos, who was also an illustrator, told her she had a very difficult time drawing people. 

“[Romeos] said that if you try to make people into things, then they just aren’t,” said Van Thien. 

He also thought it would be a good way to show people how he was able to get by on his own.

“So I went and did a little experiment, I got myself into a wheelchair, I tried to work with the chair and the wheelchair, and I came up with this possible work.” 

As for the work itself, Van Thiiess told me it was a bit more complicated than a traditional painting.

“I had to go back and do it from scratch,” he said. 

With his artistic style, the artist says he doesn`t have to be limited by the limitations of 3D.

“It’s not just a matter of using 3D to make things, but it’s about making things in different ways,” he said.

“Sometimes it’s just about using different techniques to get the same effect.

Sometimes it’s just about the light and the colour.

And sometimes it’s more about the way the viewer interacts with it.

That’s why I like to take something that’s easy to do and create something that is more difficult, making it more complex.” 

While he does not work with 3D at the moment, Vanthijs said he would love to someday.

“Maybe someday I’ll get to work with it,” he said. 

And the best thing about working with 3d, he said, is that it doesn actually mean anything. 

When asked whether he would consider moving on to other photography after he finished Pushers, “Maybe,”  said Vanthijss. But he