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Japanese 3D artist has an idea to remake ‘The Matrix’

The 3D model of the original ‘Matrix’ movie was created by Akira Kurosawa, according to a Japanese 3d art studio. 

The studio, based in Yokohama, is planning to recreate the original movie’s 3D graphics.

It is working on the remake, which is expected to be released in 2019, but the original project has already been cancelled due to the death of Kurosowa.

A spokesman for the studio told ABC News the team is “extremely proud” of the model.

“In this way, we can give a much better impression of the movie,” the spokesman said.

“It will give us the opportunity to recreate something that we didn’t even think of.”

Kurosawa died on October 30, 2020.

The studio has previously worked on several 3D animated films, including the 2014 ‘Giant Robot’ film, and ‘Gravity’.

“I am really happy to finally see my original 3D designs come to life, so I can create new 3D movies,” said the Japanese 3-D artist at the time. ABC/wires