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Artistic Competition: A 3D Architecture Artist Contest

The contest was created by 3D artist Alex Kavanagh, who is an associate professor of architectural studies at The Ohio State University.

The idea behind the competition is to encourage 3D artists to pursue a career in architectural design.

“A lot of people think that there’s no career in architecture,” Kavanah said.

“There’s definitely a job that can be a lot of work.

And if you’re not into the whole architectural career, you may be stuck at home in your apartment, and that’s not a good place to be.”

This competition has garnered about 2,000 entries from more than 1,000 countries.

The first round will be held in March in Berlin, Germany, and the second will be in March 2019 in Madrid, Spain.

Kavanaugh said he is hoping to attract international talent and has already secured some top international artists for the 2019 competition.

The judges for the competition are members of the architectural community from around the world.

“The biggest challenge that we have is trying to make sure that the judging is as objective as possible, and in some cases, that we are going to give out prizes,” Kavainagh said.

The finalist will receive a prize package that includes a prize of $500,000, an invitation to an event that will be announced soon and an opportunity to join the architectural profession.

In addition to winning a prestigious prize, the first prize winner will be invited to a dinner with Kavanagah, who will be presenting the prize package at a reception for the judges.

“It’s just really a great way to give a gift to somebody who is a true visionary,” Kavaanagh said of the competition.

“If you’re an artist, you have to find a way to take the art, take it to the next level, and create something that people are really excited about.

You have to do something really special with it, and then we can talk about the possibilities for that.”

Kavanagh said that this is the first time he has participated in such a prestigious contest, but he said that he expects to do so more in the future.

“I think that people really appreciate that a lot more than what they actually think of a prize, which is a big compliment,” Kavenagh said, adding that his main goal for the next challenge is to become a recognized architectural designer.

“That’s one of the reasons that I started my career in the first place was to take my art to a level that other people were not able to reach,” he said.

Kavanah has also worked on a series of educational video series for students at Ohio State and he hopes to continue working with Ohio State’s students in the near future.

He said that the goal of the future competitions is to teach students about architectural design and to help them develop their skills.

“As an academic, you learn so much about your craft through these competitions,” he added.

“They help you realize that you have a lot to contribute to this world.”