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Why are 3d wire artisans losing out to 3d computer graphics?

2d wire artist John Koehn, who has been working in computer graphics for about 30 years, is one of the many people who’s not making enough money to support his family, according to an article by Wired.

Koehn said he has been trying to raise $2,500 for his family for the past year, but is struggling to get funding from 3d design companies because of a lack of qualified 3d designers, according the article.

Köhn said that in recent years, the costs of computer graphics have increased.

For example, he said that he used to make $1,200 a week at a 3D design studio but now makes about $800 a week.

“It’s just not a sustainable model anymore, I just can’t support myself anymore,” he told Wired.

He added that he had recently taken out a loan of about $30,000 to finance his research into 3d modeling.

The lack of jobs has led to many artists and designers to make the transition to 3D modeling, and to avoid working at a computer or even a 3d printer.

Koehler said that the industry is becoming increasingly automated, and it is now easier to produce the same 3D model at a smaller scale than in years past.

Kroehn’s wife, Stephanie, told Wired that he has no way to support himself and has been living on disability payments, which have made it difficult for him to afford food and clothes.

“We’re getting into a situation where if we’re living on a $3,000 per month disability payment, it’s not even going to be enough to pay for gas and groceries for two months,” Koehns wife said.

She said that his job was never that lucrative in the past.

“In the past, I used to be able to do my own modeling.

It was like a hobby.

Now, if I’m doing 3D, I have to do it for a living,” she said.

But she said that now, her husband is a 3-D wire artist because his studio is now staffed by someone who has worked in computer modeling for the last five years.

Kowhl said that she and her husband are in the process of moving out of their home and into a place where they can be more independent, and that they plan to start an organic farm next month.

She said that they are planning to start a business and a lifestyle magazine.