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‘Beeple’ is the first real 3d building to make it into the movies

3d architectural studio Beeple has released a series of 3d models of buildings that were used as props in blockbuster movies, but it was only the first time the studio had actually been able to create a real building in the 3D space.

Beeples founder, Michael Guglielmi, said that he started with a few buildings from real architectural schools and then added the 3d features to make the project come to life.

“When we started, we had this big warehouse and we had to add all these windows, all these doors, these walls, these little details to make this building work,” he said.

“And the biggest challenge was making it realistic and not too complicated.

The 3d part was just so much fun.

I thought ‘Okay, this is a good idea.'”

Beeples 3D buildings, made by Beeplee and published by Beeps 3D Studios, were shown off at the 2017 Hollywood Studios show.

3D printing technology has helped the studio make the buildings look as realistic as possible, but they still need to be cleaned up and painted.

Beeps building featured a staircase with a giant red flagpole.

The stairwell was created by hand, using an 8-foot-long piece of fiberglass.

Gugliels work included painting and decorating all the windows in the warehouse, and then creating a huge, red flag on the wall that will light up the night sky if a movie is being shown.

It’s an idea that was also used for the exterior of Beepes new office space, which was completed in 2016 and featured a huge glass dome and a massive, metal door.

Beep’s work is only the beginning.

The studio has plans to release its first 3d 3D-printed buildings, which will include a large glass dome in Los Angeles.

The studios website says that the studios office building, which opened in 2019, will feature an “intelligent, 3D printed, flexible, and fully autonomous interior that will change the way you work and live in the city.”