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Microsoft reveals plans to launch ‘Project Spark’ in Indonesia

3d artist and 3d workstation developer Microsoft has confirmed that it is looking to launch a new tool in Indonesia.

Project Spark, as it is called, is a new 3D tool for artists to create 3D models.

Microsoft is launching the tool in the coming months and it will be available to developers.

Project Sparkle will be developed in partnership with the Indonesian 3D Lab, Microsoft Indonesia, and the Indonesian Institute of Science and Technology (IIS-ET).

“Project Spark will allow artists to get their hands on a very powerful 3D modeling toolkit with which they can easily create high quality, high-resolution 3D objects, like buildings, landscapes, or other physical objects,” the company said in a statement.

The toolkit will be able to produce a large number of models at a high quality and will help create new 3d models that will be ready for use in games and other creative applications.

Microsoft said it will “provide additional support” to developers to enable them to integrate the tool into their apps.

Microsoft has previously said that it would work with the Institute of 3D Arts in Indonesia to help the Indonesian studio with 3D modelling.

“We are very excited to work with Microsoft Indonesia and Indonesia Institute of SciTech to help them create this new tool,” the 3D artist and workstation software developer said in the statement.

“This will enable them both to grow their 3D industry and to build a community around this powerful new tool.”

Microsoft also said that the toolkit would enable it to bring the new 3Ds to other countries.

“The tools are being built in partnership and will be used by other countries and governments.

We are also in discussions with other countries, and will provide additional support for our partners,” the Microsoft Indonesia representative said.

Microsoft’s plans to use the tools to create more 3D works are similar to those it made with 3d game developer Unreal Engine 4 earlier this year.

In October, Microsoft announced that it was going to release a new version of the Unreal Engine, which had been in development for several years, as part of the company’s Windows 10 upgrade program.

Unreal Engine is a popular open source 3D game engine, which is used by many large developers like Microsoft and Facebook.

Microsoft plans to sell the new version to developers as part the Windows 10 software upgrade.