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How to use the Adobe 3D Pen Toolkit to 3D model your own 3D objects

You can use the 3D pen toolkit to easily create your own digital objects using your computer or tablet.

Simply drag your objects into the 3d toolkit and they’ll be imported into Photoshop, Illustrator, and other software.

Here’s how to do it with your Mac or PC. 1.

Open the 3ds max application.

If you’re using the Mac, go to Preferences and select the 3DS Max extension.

If using the Windows version, you’ll need to open the 3rd party toolkit.


Select the 3DMatch Toolkit, which is located in the Applications tab.


Click the Add New button.


Choose the 3DFX file you want to create and click Add.


The toolkit will ask you to name your object and you can name it whatever you like.

Once you’ve created your object, it’ll be ready to import.

Once your object is imported, you can drag and drop it into the toolkit, and the objects properties will be filled in.

When importing, the tool will highlight the object and then highlight the objects position and size.

You can then save your object as a 3d model.

Once imported, the object will appear in the 3dmatch toolkit for you to import or import from other 3D tools.