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Which 3D artist wins in the competition for the “Best Newcomer?”

A group of young artists has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide by transforming their 3D models into a new and original way to share stories and share their art.

The winners of the 2017 International 3D Art Competition were selected from among three finalists: Zorba Klawani from the Netherlands, Vinnie Janssens from the United Kingdom and Maximilian Jorgensen from Sweden.

The competition began in August and was named after the Swedish artist who created the iconic painting “The Wicker Man” as well as the Dutch artist “Mieke” for the film “The Jungle Book.”

Janssensen and Klawain created a new way to combine digital and 3D graphics to make a painting that combines both traditional painting and 3-D modeling, allowing the viewer to feel as though they are part of the creation process.

The artist has previously used his 3D modeling skills to transform his 3-d model into a realistic painting, but his latest creation is the most realistic to date.

Klawani’s “The New Colossus” is based on the iconic image of a giant stone Colossus standing in front of a white house in a large garden.

It was created as part of a documentary on the artist.

In a photo posted by the artist on Instagram, Klawaneis “The Colossus” has a full 3D model and a new painting with a large, white house, a wooden fence and a red roof.

Klawsani said his previous work was inspired by his own experiences with his own father, who was born in Ethiopia.

“My dad, my father was very religious and he never allowed me to do anything outside my family and my culture,” Klawansen told The Associated Press.

“But I think in the process, I realized that I was able to use my own experience to see the bigger picture.”

“I think it was important to me to bring his experiences to my own project.

I wanted to use his experiences as a way to tell his story.”

Klawansens’ work was featured in “A Beautiful Day” and the documentary “The Secret Lives of the 3-Ds.”

The artist has also created a digital series called “A New Colossus.”

The winner of the competition was announced Sunday in London, England, and was announced by the judges on a livestream.

Jorgensen, who lives in Germany, told AP he felt inspired by the work of other 3-DP artists.

“I wanted to find an artist who had really good artistic ideas and a lot of creativity.

And I found him in Maximilians work,” he said.

“I found it really interesting to have the opportunity to work with him, as well.”

The winners are eligible to win $100,000 for the best new 3-dimensional artist, which will be distributed to the winning artists in October.

Jusson, who has been a 3-DM artist for more than 20 years, said he’s been looking for a new challenge to push his art.

“Every time I’ve tried to do a new thing, I’ve found myself going into a very dark place,” he told AP.

“For me it’s about exploring the possibilities.”

Jorgenson said the judges’ award is a validation of the artist’s talent and his determination.

“It’s a big feeling for me, I’m really happy about it,” he added.

“It’s really rewarding.”