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3D artists pay more than $3.5 million to pay for 3D printing, paycale says

3D artist payments for 3d printing fell to $2.9 million last year, compared with $3 million in 2012, according to data from 3D Paycale, a firm that analyzes 3D content for companies.

3D printer payments for the industry were up slightly from a year ago, but still down from the $3 billion in 2012.

The decline was mostly due to 3D Printing Market Research, a company that tracks digital payments.

3d print sales fell 4% to $3,622 million in 2016, according the company, which said the decline was mainly due to a drop in interest from consumers who don’t use 3D printers.

“The 3D print industry is in the middle of a major transformation,” said Matt Hulsey, CEO of 3D Print, a 3D service provider.

“We expect 3D printed items to be a major part of the digital marketplace moving forward.”

He said 3D-printing companies are investing more in building their facilities and expanding the reach of their customers, but they also are looking to take advantage of new technologies.

For example, they’re looking to build 3D scanners, which will allow them to print in larger sizes, or larger parts.

3DMATech, a startup that offers 3D modeling software, has already launched its own digital 3D manufacturing facility in California.

It has said it plans to build more than 20 facilities worldwide.