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Why 3D graphic artists don’t make ’90s cars

By Nicholas O’BrienOctober 10, 2018 6:14:00The automotive industry is full of creative types, but few are as well-known as a 3D artist.

They work with 3D models and create realistic, lifelike 3D creations.

They are also highly sought after by automakers for their art.

But in a new study, a group of college students at the University of Minnesota found that the automotive industry isn’t as interested in these types of artists as it once was.

“There was a sense that 3D artists had lost their relevance in the automotive world in the 1990s,” said Ryan Kostner, a graduate student in the Department of Computer Science.

“But, I think that’s largely because the automotive landscape is changing and they are no longer viewed as a big part of the automotive scene.”

The study, which will be presented at the International Association of Industrial Designers annual conference in San Francisco next month, found that 3d car art is becoming more popular in the auto industry.

The study found that about 40% of the artworks on the website 3DPart are from artists from the automotive field.

About 20% of all 3D vehicle art is created by students in the engineering and mechanical engineering fields, the study said.

Kostner said that the art is a way for engineers to see what other artists have done and get feedback on what they might do.

“They have to see how they did it and see what it looked like on a car,” he said.

He said that while the industry is making changes, it’s important for artists to keep their art moving.

“We are not in a golden age of 3D art,” Koster said.

“We are in an age of very small, very limited amounts of 3d art.

That’s where the future of 3DR comes in.”

In addition to the study, Kosters team surveyed the students and asked them how they would like to see 3D car art continue in the industry.

The majority of the students said they would be interested in seeing more 3D work from the engineering field.

About half of them also said that they would prefer to see more 3DR work from automotive engineering.

Kontner said the industry has changed in ways that artists like himself aren’t used to, and he wants to continue to use his talents.

“I’m not the only one who has had to change my approach to 3D,” Kontner wrote in a blog post.

“There are lots of artists that have had to re-think what they do to better represent their art and what the public would perceive as their art.”