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How to write code for your phone and tablet

Hacker News: I want to make a game for my phone and I want a way to play it.

I’m looking for a solution that works with my phone.

What can I write to achieve this goal? 

What is the easiest way to get a working solution?

I’m also looking for help to develop a solution. 

What languages can I use to build a game?

What language does my game run in? 

What is the most common way to make money on Kickstarter?

 How can I make my game accessible to all?

How can this game be optimized for mobile devices?

I have lots of ideas, but I’m still in the process of writing them down. 

I have a ton of ideas!

I need to keep them all in my head for at least a month.

I need to start building them in the coming weeks, and I also need to learn how to code for a mobile device. 

How can I learn to code?

I’ve never been an expert programmer.

What does it mean to be an expert in coding?

What are the challenges I’ve faced in developing my game?

Are there any challenges I haven’t encountered yet?

How do I learn programming?

What do I want people to know about programming? 

How do you make a good game? 

Do you want people who are interested in learning programming to play your game?

How would you improve your game if you had to code it?

How many hours should I spend writing code? 

If you are an experienced developer, what do you do to improve your skills?

How can you use experience to learn from others? 

Have you been a student of programming?

Do you have a question about a project or a hobby that you want to share?